General Information

Structure of the School Week

Our school day starts at 8:30 and finishes at 3:30 every Monday and Wednesday, 2:30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There is a 10 minute break and a 35 minute lunch. From Monday to Friday the students will attend a 15 minute well-being session with their tutor and organise a whole school assembly every Friday morning.

Extra-curricular activities will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 – 3:30. These will commence in the third week of term. Activities will be decided initially by the students. Lunchtime clubs will be announced shortly after a consultation with the students and posted here.

Dress Code

There is no school uniform. Clean comfortable clothing that is conducive to learning is expected to be worn by all students. No offensive slogans allowed or clothing that is distracting for others to learn.

Contacting the School

Office hours are 9am to 5pm. Please leave a message if you don’t get through and we’ll get back to as soon as possible. Parents/Guardians can contact teachers directly by email or make an appointment to meet with them through the office. If you are concerned about a student’s well-being please contact their tutor first and then contact the Principal.

Mobile Phone Policy

Phones are to be switched off and placed in the student’s locker for the entire school day. No phones allowed at break or lunch. Students can use the office phone if they need to contact parents/guardians. We wish to keep the students fully focused on maximising their learning throughout the school day.

Information Evening for First Year Parents – click here to view the Presentation.